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Say Goodbye to Procurement Headaches

Save Time

Say goodbye to tedious cart maranagement, with one click you can source across vendors

Cost Efficiency

Save up to 30% with our algorithm that optimize your sourcing for lead time and cost

Altium Ready

Eliminate admin burden by directly uploading your Altium BOM into Procurestack

No More Scavenger Hunts

ProcureStack removes the needle-in-a-haystack scenario when it comes to locating components. Just enter the part number or name and get instant results from leading suppliers like Digi-Key and Mouser.

Forget Spreadsheet Juggling

Take the guesswork and grunt work out of BOM management. Upload your BOM, and let ProcureStack smartly generate separate shopping carts per supplier, even optimising for availability and cost.

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Designed For Procurement

Discover why ProcureStack is loved by our users, boasting a Net Promoter Score of 98%.

90% Quicker

Speed up component discovery with our tool that turns traditional hours-long searches into a quick, efficient process.


Streamline procurement with our single-click checkout, slicing the traditional process time by up to 90%

Stay Ahead

Stay on top of supply chain health with timely critical stock alerts and comprehensive lead time data.

Cart Magic

Optimize your sourcing strategy for noticeable cost reductions and faster delivery times.

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Download our free browser extension today, and elevate your procurement game instantly

Our Managed Service

Go beyond our browser extension with our managed service.


Tap into best practices from SpaceX and Tesla.

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Dedicated procurement specialists always online.

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End to End

Electronics, fabricated boards, and machined assemblies.


Rigorously supplier evaluation criteria to ensure quality.

We Know Hardware

Experts in all things hardware from rocket ships to EV cars.

Global Suppliers

Hundreds of vetted global suppliers.

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