Your AI-Powered Procurement Co-Pilot, Always On

Optimizes procurement with trillions of data points, working 24/7 to streamline communication, track orders, and provide real-time insights.

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Save 40 hours a month by streamlining vendor communication and order tracking

Never Miss a Supplier Update

AI turns supplier emails into actionable insights, keeping you on top of procurement activities.

Keep Your Team on Track

Convert emails into to-do lists, ensuring your team stays organized and responds to suppliers promptly.

Eliminate Vendor Guesswork

Drive procurement decisions with insights based on true vendor performance and capabilities.


Make Your Job Easier

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Simplify Supplier Communication

Keep all supplier interactions in one place, eliminating time-consuming follow-ups.

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Reduce Operational Costs

Monitor order statuses in real-time to avoid costly delays and expedite fees.

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Turn Emails into Actions

Transform supplier emails into actionable tasks, keeping your team on track.

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Expertise On-Demand

Get procurement expertise whenever you need it, ensuring smooth operations.

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Data-Driven Decisions

Gain valuable insights with real-time data to make informed decisions

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Customize to Your Needs

Adapt the platform to fit your unique processes, enhancing efficiency and control.

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The Average ProcureStack Client


Parts sourced and managed

4 weeks

Get your product to market 4 weeks sooner


Average cost reduction in supply chain


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Working with ProcureStack genuinely cut our costs down—a 47% saving on our electrical assembilies and 13% on the mechanical side. It’s straightforward, practical help that really counts.

Dennon Oosterman
CEO, Redetec

ProcureStack helped us move faster, and more confidently in a manufacturing and procurement landscape that is notoriously difficult to navigate.

Evan Neff
Founder, SmartARM

ProcureStack streamlined our development process, getting our product out 4 weeks sooner than expected. It’s exactly the kind of support high performing teams need.

Matthew Timmins
Founder, Leva Sleep