Empowering Hardware Innovators to Excel

We support ambitious hardware startups that understand the importance of concentrating on their primary strengths while entrusting the complexities of their hardware supply chain to experts. Specializing in PCB procurement, manufacturing engineering, and supplier quality, we handle the intricate details of hardware production.

Traditionally, companies lost countless hours annually managing these detailed, time-consuming, non-core activities. With ProcureStack, this burden is lifted. Minimize Distractions, Maximize Focus.

Too many hardware founders divert valuable resources managing supply chain complexities.

Our values

The values that drive everything we do

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Fostering a culture where creative thinking and cutting-edge solutions are at the heart of every project.

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Embracing responsibility with integrity, where every team member is vital to our collective success.

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Committing to excellence in our work, our learning, and our growth as a team and as individuals.

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Team work

Valuing collaboration and diverse perspectives, knowing that together we achieve more.

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Promoting an open and honest environment where communication is clear and trust is paramount.

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Prioritizing the protection of information and systems as a cornerstone of our professional responsibility.

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