Manufacturing Shapes Your Product's Future.

ProcureStack is your Director of Manufacturing. We specialize in end-to-end hardware procurement exclusively for the aerospace and defense sector. Our expertise in PCB procurement streamlines your path from concept to launch, fostering rapid development and market leadership.

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EXPERIENCED WITH the best HARDWARE companies in the world

Save 40 hours a month with ProcureStack handling your PCB supply chain, freeing you to innovate.

YOUR Procurement specialist

Seamlessly go from schematics to PCB Fab

Master hardware procurement with ease and precision.

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Strategic Sourcing
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Cost Optimization
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Eliminate Excel Sheets
YOUR manufacturing engineers

Leverage a decade of hardware expertise

Transforming designs into efficient production realities.

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DFM and DFA Analysis
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Process and Workflow Design
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Technical Drawings Coordination
YOUR quality specialist

Never compromise on quality

Ensuring top-tier quality in every product.

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Rigorous Quality Control
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Supplier Performance Monitoring
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IPC, UL, ISO 9001, MIL-Spec, IEC we do it all

Why Trust ProcureStack?

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Time-Saving Innovation

ProcureStack recovers over 40 hours a month from complex supply chain management, enabling you to focus more on innovation and growth.

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Reduce Operational Costs

Cut the expense of an in-house supply chain team. ProcureStack offers expert support at much lower costs, ensuring operational consistency.

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Manufacturing Error Reduction

Avoid costly manufacturing and procurement errors. We ensure high-quality production and operational excellence.

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Expertise On-Demand

Always accessible via Slack, email, or video, our dedicated team focuses on your success, prioritizing project performance over the clock.

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Investor-Ready Operations

Transform your processes in just 30 days to be investor-ready. ProcureStack prepares you to impress investors with impeccable operational standards.

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Smooth Supplier Switches

Switching suppliers? Rely on ProcureStack for a seamless, cost-free transition, ensuring efficient and effective supplier management.

Get started with one-click

your partner

Your Dedicated Manufacturing Partner

Your dedicated partner is always on-call via Slack, email, video, focusing solely on your success

Assessment Review

We examine your supply chain, organize essential data, and identify improvement areas for immediate attention.


We blend our expertise with your systems, enhancing your procurement and manufacturing processes for greater efficiency.

Manage and Oversee

Fully integrated, we manage your entire hardware supply chain, ensuring streamlined operations and top-quality outcomes.

monthly metrics for

The Average ProcureStack Client


Parts sourced and managed

4 weeks

Get your product to market 4 weeks sooner


Average cost reduction in supply chain


Don’t take our word for it. See what our clients say

Working with ProcureStack genuinely cut our costs down—a 47% saving on our electrical assembilies and 13% on the mechanical side. It’s straightforward, practical help that really counts.

Dennon Oosterman
CEO, Redetec

ProcureStack helped us move faster, and more confidently in a manufacturing and procurement landscape that is notoriously difficult to navigate.

Evan Neff
Founder, SmartARM

ProcureStack streamlined our development process, getting our product out 4 weeks sooner than expected. It’s exactly the kind of support high performing teams need.

Matthew Timmins
Founder, Leva Sleep