Your Complete Guide to Ordering Turnkey Wire Harness Assemblies

This post offers a comprehensive guide on how to order turnkey wire harness assemblies, detailing everything from design considerations to selecting the right supplier for various applications.

Your Complete Guide to Ordering Turnkey Wire Harness Assemblies


Wire harness assemblies are essential components in numerous electronic and electrical applications. Understanding how to order these assemblies can significantly impact the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your project. This guide provides a step-by-step approach to ordering turnkey wire harness assemblies.

Step 1: Understanding Your Requirements

Before reaching out to suppliers, clearly define your wire harness requirements. Consider the application, environment, electrical load, and any specific standards or certifications required. Determine the length, wire gauge, connector types, and routing needs of your harness.

Step 2: Creating a Detailed Design

A detailed design is crucial for accuracy in manufacturing. Create a wiring diagram that includes all components, connectors, and their placements. If you’re not equipped to create this, some suppliers offer design services. Be prepared to provide as much detail as possible.

Step 3: Selecting the Right Supplier

Choose a supplier experienced in turnkey wire harness assemblies. Look for a track record of quality, reliability, and the ability to meet your specific requirements. ProcureStack can assist in identifying suppliers who specialize in custom wire harness solutions.

Step 4: Requesting a Quote

With your design in hand, request quotes from multiple suppliers. Provide your wiring diagram and detailed specifications. Ensure you understand the pricing structure, including any costs for custom tooling or design services.

Step 5: Prototyping and Testing

Before placing a large order, it's advisable to prototype. This allows you to test the wire harness in your application and make any necessary adjustments. Ensure your supplier can provide prototypes and conduct necessary testing for functionality and safety.

Step 6: Reviewing and Approving Prototypes

Examine the prototype for quality and compliance with your specifications. Test it in its intended application to ensure it meets your needs. Only proceed with a full order once you are completely satisfied with the prototype.

Step 7: Placing the Order

After approving the prototype, place your final order. Communicate your timeline and stay in touch with the supplier to monitor the production process.


Ordering turnkey wire harness assemblies requires careful planning and attention to detail. By following these steps, you can ensure that you receive high-quality, customized wire harness assemblies tailored to your specific needs.